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Predictive Dialing solutions
DialResults proudly offers software solutions for the call center industry. Hosted Predictive Dialer, Call Recording, Call Scripting, Call Reporting, Remote Agents and more...
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C3 "Converged Communication Center"

DialResults is the proud designer and developer of C3 "Converged Communication Center". The Call Center Software product is an excellent fit for any premise or hosted contact center or business looking to increase productivity and revenue.

C3 features the following powerful management tools:

  • 100% Agent Monitoring
  • Extensive Digital Call Recording
  • Simple Recording retrieval
  • Single view administration of call center, agents, and contacts
  • Regardless of your business model, whether it is B2B, B2C, Customer Service, Inbound, etc., our systems customizable algorithms ensure that C3 is a perfect fit. C3 allows for different dialing methods:

  • Predictive Dialing
  • Power Dialing
  • Auto Dialing
  • Broadcast Blasting
  • IVR
  • Built on the Microsoft .NET framework, our application allows easy integration into existing web or server-based applications and processes that your company already has in place. Through the use of our powerful and customizable scripting tool and integration capabilities, C3 will increase agent productivity and data accuracy.

    Contact DialResults today so that we can show you how the C3 Hosted Predictive Dialer will save you time and money, all while increasing your productivity.

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    C3 Hosted Solutions

    Finally, a fully featured hosted dialer system that works through the internet! Features include:

    • Digital Call Recording
    • Full Reporting and Data Collection
    • Live Stats on Agents and Campaigns
    • Users can log on from Anywhere
    • List and Contact Management
    • Agent Monitoring and Coaching
    • Dynamic Scripting

    All the tools you need to be effective in the call center industry are at your fingertips!

    The DialResults C3 Hosted Call Center Solution is an excellent solution to save money and increase productivity. Imagine a solution that eliminates costly up-front purchases and utilizes a flexible VOIP platform to allow your agents to work from home, the office, wherever! Save money on your office space, utilities, and payroll all while getting a more productive employee!

    IP PBX Solutions

    DialResults offers a fully functional IP PBX. Features like ACD, IVR, VOIP, Reporting, Multi Tennant, Call Recording, Monitoring, Coaching, Voice Mail, Call Forwarding and One Number Follow Me are but a few of the PBX Phone System many powerful features.

    C3 Hosted Predictive Dialer

    Looking for a hosted predictive dialer or VOIP Dialer with extensive features, a reasonable price tag, simple user interface, and the ability to be upgraded to a blended call center solution? Look no further, DialResults C3 Hosted Predictive Dialer would be an excellent fit within your company!

    Agent Outsourcing Services

    Is your call center looking to increase productivity and call efficiency, and decrease overhead? Are you struggling to staff your call center with reliable, experienced agents? DialResults offers Agent Outsourcing Services to provide your call center with productive agents who will increase your current activity levels while costing you less then your current staff. Call us today to learn more about how to outsource your call center - 480.359.7920

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    Industries Served
    • Telemarketing
    • Financial Services
    • Mortgage Lending
    • Travel & Leisure
    • Service Industries
    • Professional Services
    • Lead Generation
    • Cable & Internet Services
    • Non Profit
    • Real Estate
    • Collections

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    Lower Your Costs!
    Looking to avoid short call duration fees? Contact a Sales Representative today to see how we can eliminate the fees, reduce your per minute cost and improve your service level.

    Click to Call - Connect your callcenter agents directly to your website customers!
    DialResults is proud to release a new web based tool that allows your customers to enter their number on your website and click to have the callcenter contact them immediatly. Please call our dialer experts at 480-359-7920 for more info.

    Check out an industry article on Hosting a call center at Article from YoExpert

    Looking for a good data/list vendor? We have you covered! Ask us how to lower your data costs!

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