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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

DialResults C3 Converged Communication System allows people to communicate with computers through telephones, opening up limitless opportunities for new and enhanced customer service. Skill based routing allows your best agents to handle more of the important calls and leave the routine questions to the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to route to lower level agents. The system is designed to route the calls to the most appropriate agent to accommodate the caller's needs. This is also an excellent marketing tool, you can use C3 to automatically make your calls for you, asking your contacts to hold for an agent if interested in your product or to leave messages on answering machines. Surveys, appointment reminders, the options are limitless.

The DialResults C3 IVR solution offers highly sophisticated, fully interactive, database-driven applications for all kinds of businesses. Here are some examples of industries that will benefit now and in the future:

• Inbound Call Centers which handle multiple products lines
• Collection agencies
• Call centers that need to leave Messages on dropped calls to meet FTC    regulations
• Banks and Financial Institutions-Customers can check their account    balances and make financial transactions, then transfer out to speak to    someone live
• Market Research firms can use voice recognition to allow consumers to    answer multiple surveys without a live agent
• Retailers-Customers place orders and check on order status, which    more and more retailers will be using in the future, as more and more    people will be ordering products from the web
• Customers can subscribe or cancel subscriptions via IVR.

C3's IVR blended Integration lets contacts navigate easily to the information they need. IVR allows the contact to do ordering, take surveys, or any number of projects by using their touch tone phone. This often eliminates the need for a Customer Service Representative which will results in more bottom line revenues.

The DialResults C3 Converged Communication Center is a call center solution used by small to Fortune 500 sized companies. C3 is designed for any firm who wishes to provide cost effective information and services to customers, debtors or consumers via telephone without live operators. DialResults can deliver retrieved information from either local or remote databases to inbound callers as voice prompts and can also store relevant information from the inbound callers. DialResults easy to use and follow menus can be navigated by simply using the keypad of regular phones.

The C3 system can be easily connected to analog lines, PBX extensions, PRI lines and voip networks. The DialResults system can communicate with various databases, call flow, call routing, conference calls, screen pop-up support, system language and other features can be implemented according to customer requirements.

C3 can be easily be converged with call centers via computer telephony integration (CTI) technology. Personal information of the caller, such as name, address, or customer fields can be displayed on the agents screen with screen pop-up support.




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