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In partnership with Tricom, a telecommunications agency, we offer long distance services from a wide variety of carriers including those that specialize in short duration traffic. Tricom works with its carriers on your behalf to come up with the most aggressively priced long distance rates and dedicated T1s. In addition, Tricom provides local, Internet and private VPN services through its multiple carriers so it can find unique solutions for each customer's specific needs. Tricom will provide full customer support from the contract and provisioning phases through to maintenance and billing. It is a one-stop shop approach that simplifies telecommunications services and allows you, the customer, to focus on your businesses at hand. To learn how we can find the right telecom solution for your business, call 480-359-7920 or email sales@dialresults.com.

What we offer:

• Seamless operation with DialResults Products
• Low or no traffic minimums
• 24/7 Customer support
• Multiple Carriers
• One solution…no finger pointing
• Potential discounts on premise equipment
• Agressive rates world-wide

Contact the DialResults Long Distance preferred partner, Tricom today. Let us show you how we can help your business become more profitable! Call 480.284.5465 or email sales@dialresults.com today for a free analysis of your telecommunications.

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