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Agent can be summed up in one word-Intuitive. A windows office GUI that provides a familiar look and feel allows agents to quickly familiarize themselves with features and functionality of the agent console. This allows the agents to become productive in a very short time frame.

Using the C3 agent console, agents can quickly and efficiently make and disposition calls, schedule callbacks and update custom database information. Advanced call processing features such as Call Recording, Call Transfer, and Live Transfer are available at the click of the mouse. Conference calls to third parties can quickly be initiated in addition to making predictive calls through the intuitive GUI interface.

Agent scripting uses an embedded web browser and appears automatically, based on the campaign the agent is working on. Customer responses can be entered directly into these scripts or into an existing database. In either case, the database is updated immediately.


• Skinnable Graphical User Interface
• Live Agent Statistics
• Agents can work from anywhere with Internet
• (I.E. Remote offices or work from home agents)
• Live Call Handling for both Inbound and Outound
• Call Live/Blind Transfer
• Call Conference
• Call Hold w/ Custom On Hold Message
• Comprehensive Scripting
• Data Collection and CRM Functions
• Custom Call Dispositions
• DNC List Management
• Call Back Scheduling
• Call Back Management
• Call Recording
• Chat Functionality
• Software Integrations Available

Supervisor Console:

Supervisor is the control center for all agent activities and the C3 system. From the console, the supervisor enables/disables lists and campaigns, controls dialer pacing, provides live statistics and produces real-time reports. Supervisor is an integrated set of utilities created for managing campaigns, maintaining agents, importing of data and comprehensive list management. Standard reports can also be initiated and printed from the Supervisor console. System Administrators have control over campaign configuration as well as complete campaign management, agent monitoring, coaching and recording.


• Agent Management
• Campaign Management
• List Management
• Easy switch between calling areas
• Standard and customized Reports
• Live Stats on agents and campaigns
• Live Call Monitoring and Call Coaching
• Manage System Detection and Recall Times
• Monitors the progress of all inbound and outbound calls
• Monitors ACD Queue activity
• Logs agents on and off various campaigns as needed


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