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DRPBX One-Box Platform

One Box Platform

DRPBX is a state-of-the-art communication server that possesses a unique and comprehensive all-in-one-box architecture.

With DRPBX's built-in high level Application Program Interface for DRPBX and DialResultsCCO, as well as the powerful PBX and Auto Attendant/Voice Mail features, software developers no longer need to deal with API programming for Voice/Fax hardware and the complicated PBX operation details: Value Added Resellers no longer need to integrate PBX, VoIP, ACD and IVR from different vendors. There is no need for complex, multi-vendor integration, no need to synchronize capabilities across multiple systems with the risk of breaking others in the process and no finger pointing between different vendors. This dramatically reduces the time for system integration, provides the system with greater flexibility and allows for easy expansion to fit your business needs.

DRPBX is a rapid telephony application generator. As a common tool for DRPBX Interactive Voice Response (IVR), PBX, and other voice/fax applications, DRPBX can be used to develop applications to fulfill the functions and flexibility that are not provided by the standard PBX. The applications developed by DRPBX can easily be integrated with DRPBX system, since they are all developed under the same platform.

DialResultsCCO, a full-featured high-level API, provides powerful call control functions to application software developers for customizable consoles and extended functionality to access DRPBX's features.



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One Box Platform
State-of-the-Art Communications Server
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Copyright © DialResults, 2014
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